Choosing a Good Hosting Provider

In order to have the most flexibility with your new site, it’s important that your hosting provider:

Is NOT the same as your domain registrar – Hosting and registering with the same company gives them far too much control over your business assets.
Has c Panel access – While not critical, it is much easier to find someone to help you with any technical problems you might have if your host uses this familiar format. bg dezign can take care of this for you.
Has a great reputation – Two of the best are Hostgator and Blue host. They’re inexpensive and well-known, and both offer excellent customer service.
Is NOT free – Blogger, Weebly, and other free sites might be attractive from a monetary standpoint, but they won’t convey the professional image you want.

Choosing Your Website Platform

Finally, before we build  your site, you’ll need to decide what will power it. You have a lot of choices here; from HTML to CMS – content management –  absolute best choice we use is Word-press CMS.

Probably the biggest reason so many websites are powered by Word-press is because you have the opportunity to mange your website from the admin  back office, some may find this a little daunting, so bg dezign can handle this for you.

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